The Challenge

In the manufacturing industry some equipment or machines can become disenfranchised or have design flaws that are not initially apparent. Sometimes equipement from another industry- country without drawings and documentation must be repaired, or some parts replaced or even replicated for installation to another process line



At EPD Engineering Services we provide reverse engineering  of components for equipment or machines when documentation is no longer available or design flaws arise. We provide a full inspection and tecnical documentation of the component along with material suggestions, assembly processes, machining, welding and fabricating.

Our engineers reconstruct any part and simulate the working conditions, provide valuable information about the anticipated life with SOLIDWORKS Premium design, and SOLIDWORKS Simulation analysis software solutions.


  • Reduce by 50% the design procedure
  • Optimize the new parts
  • Eliminate the assembly interferences


EPD Engineering Services has an extensive and multidisciplinary team of mechanical engineers who can be outsourced for quick, short-term work or complex, long-term projects.

Our teamprovides full support for the handling of the CE marking for all types of mechanical construction and the preparation of the Technical Document for all types of mechanical construction

Our stress analysis services utilize the latest modeling and simulation tools to predict stress, strain and deflection due to static loading. Stress analysis is essential when product quality is related to component deflection or failure due to static or repeated loading. Many problems have important nonlinear characteristics, including material elastic-plastic behavior, nonlinear stress-strain relationships, large deflections and contact between surfaces. It is up to the experience of the stress analyst to ascertain whether some or all of these effects should be considered. The ultimate goal of our stress analysis services are to optimize the design to exceed any performance criteria prior to physical testing and performance verification.