Our company had the opportunity to study a new Clean Room as ERGOLINE's subcontractor, of pharmaceutical manufacturer ANFARM HELLAS SA, based on the current Good Manufacturing Process. The complexity of the project lied in the fact that the given space for the Clean Room to be constructed was tight enough.


Deliverables & Services

  • Study of the Clean Room’s ventilation system in accordance to the cGMP
  • Study of the Clean Room’s air conditioning system
  • Dimensioning of the Clean Room’s HVAC main ducts
  • 3D modeling in order to gain the most out of the free space
  • Detailed Engineering Design so as to accomplish precision of ductwork
  • Technical Report with fully calculation documents
  • As Built Detailed Drawings


GRADE A              ISO 5                      CLASS 100                          240 ACH
GRADE B              ISO 7                      CLASS 10000                      110 ACH
GRADE C              ISO 8                      CLASS 100000                     50 ACH